David Sevigny

Training in Georgia with Dave Sevigny of Sevigny Performance

Here are three videos training with Dave Sevigny.  Sevigny shows how to drive an open gun (a gun with red dot scopes, muzzle compensator, etc.) while maintaining acceptable accuracy.  The latter two video illustrate driving a gun to get good hits while under time pressure.  The swinger is activated by the falling steel.  It takes some time for the swinging target to be visable, so there is a brief window of opportunity to shoot the two static targets (with 2 shots each).  If you expand the videos to 720p full screen you can see the bullet impacts coming through the targets!

Training Points:

  • Be delibrate on the steel target.  Don't pull the gun off early, have solid follow through.
  • Snap the eyes to the next targets.
    • When targets start moving it is easy to not see what you need to in order to make quality shots
  • Fundamentals!
    • Stance, grip, sights, trigger control... all critical to making the shots under time pressure. 

Really not a lot different shooting moving targets from static, but the fundamentals have to be dialed in.  Shooting activating targets are great to ensure that we can execute the fundamentals under increased pressure.

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