Low Ports

Scotti Files: Week 1; Session 2; Drill 1; Video 1

Day 2!!!  We start right off with some live fire. We need a baseline.  We are working on trigger control and sight alignment.  The target is a reduced size steel auto resetting popper at 20 yards.  Not an easy shot.

Live Fire and Dry Fire Barricade Shooting/Awkward Shooting Positions

This is one of my favorite drills. Shooting in a crouch, around a barricade or anything other than upright is a deficiency in our performance. Shooting in these positions is a 1000 mile journey. It takes a lot of reps to get into position and shoot fast-n-accurate.


Tom Heckens shows how to train more in awkward shooting positions.


This is an integrated drill where we are decelerating in a low port position ready to shoot and accelerating to a second shooting position. We have to shoot in high volume to make gains. In this drill we know where there is a target when we approach the port so our gun is up ready to shoot. The second video is where we are presenting the pistol when we come into the port.

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