Law Enforcement


SIRT Training Products utilize a shot indicating laser with a resetting trigger. They are totally inert standalone units that allow officers to quickly and safely train all shooting skills from the fundaments to advance scenarios.  The SIRT Training Pistol replicates the form fit and function of a Glock 17/22. The SIRT AR Laser Bolt retro fits into your AR-15.


Improving Officer's Firearm Skills

By Allowing Them To:



Save Budgets

Quickly diagnose any shooting deficiencies before a single bullet or minute has been spent on the range.



Save Time

Reduce officer's time at range to focus on primary duties. 




Save Lives

Sustain greater levels of officer skill proficiency and confidence by training more frequently everywhere.





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Get More Manipulation with your AR-15:

By interchanging your existing AR-15 bolt carrier with the SIRT– AR Laser Bolt officers can train with a resetting trigger that activates a laser for shot indication. This allows officers to focus on 360 degree target transition, weapons manipulation, dynamic movement, primary to secondary weapon transitions, and more.


How the SIRT AR-Bolt works:

A connector pin touches the back of your trigger in your lower.  A guide block fits on your safety to hold the connector pin in place.  The hammer is positioned back and the bolt pushes the hammer down when the upper is closed to the lower.  In some cases custom fitting is required for initial set up.

When you pull the trigger, the connector pin is thrusted up into the SIRT AR Bolt and  hits an internal sear that has the feel of breaking shots.  Every time a shot is broke, a laser pulse is sent down the barrel of your upper.  The laser is adjusted to alight with your optics by adjusting set screw through your ejection port and the mag well.

In the end you have a Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger system for training rifle skills!





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