Fundamentals with Mike Hughes: 2 Trigger Control with Trigger Prep (Taking up the Slack of the Trigger)

We have several shooting fundamentals: grip, stance, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, breathing, follow through and recovery. In this video we start with an introduction to trigger control adn namely "prepping (or staging) the trigger". Trigger prep is defined as taking up the slack of a trigger. This process is similar to taking a picture with a modern digital camera. When we take a digital snap shot we first press the button half way to focus the shot then we increase the pressure and "break" a shot to snap the picture. Same principle for shooting a gun. Normal triggers have about 3 lbs of force to take up the slack in the trigger, then the trigger stops, and then another few pounds of force is required to break the shot. Using the red trigger take up laser you can see whether you are prepping the trigger prior to breakign the shot. When you see the red and green lasers come on simultaneously you are not prepping the trigger.

To shoot off the reset the shooter must prep the shot, break the shot and then return the trigger finger to the "reset". We want to minimize wasted motion therefore, when we release the trigger we want the trigger finger to come forward enough to hear the click which means the internal seer mechanism has reset and then reapply slight pressure to the trigger.
You can see when the shooter is not shooting off the reset because the red laser comes completely off.
It should be noted that the red laser will only come on when the trigger is prepped but will turn off when we come off the trigger.

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