Poul Ups!!

Poul Ups are one of the first pure strength movements that can be properly combined with fine motor skill movements and body control with pistolcraft.  Poul Christensen of Denmark came up with this concept and it is nothing short of brilliant.  The movement is a derivative of horizontal pull-ups but with one hand and torqueing the body to an upward stable position while breaking a shot.  Poul is former Danish Military and distributing the SIRT and providing training with his business partner Lars Hagemann in Europe.

Although this movement requires a great deal of strength, the fine motor movements require exceptional trigger control.  The sight will not stay very steady as the body gets tired.  Therefore the shooter has to execute solid trigger mechanics to break the shot as sight picture becomes acceptable.  Generally sight picture is only acceptable for a short window so we have to break the shot on demand and not disturb the muzzle (or sufer a miss!).

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Poul explains the Poul Ups drill in his native tongue below.  Poul and Lars' company is dedicated to enhance training for military and law enforcement agencies in Europe.  It was a pleasure to have Poul in the United States and train for several days.  NextLevel Training is pleased to have this international relationship with high quality individuals.

Below is the Danish language description.  See the second video for the english version.

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Below is the English video description of Poul Ups.

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