Scotti Files: Week 1; Session 1; Video 2

This is the second of three training videos on day one of training Scotti.  This segment of the first training session focuses on the how the grip should feel and gives practical queuing points on the knuckle overlap of the hands, the palm pressure and getting high on the gun.

This first serious of three videos focuses on stance and grip, but the to train these we talk about the draw.  By focusing on the draw we can establish technique to getting into the proper stance and grip.  Also by being distracted by the draw we are working relaxation and loose muscles.  This video focuses on the draw for getting to grip and stance.

Coaching Points:

  • Don't worry about speed, just flow
  • Correct issues as you see them
  • Be aware of knuckles on grip
    • Learn what "feels" right on the gun; be aware of the knuckles overlapping
  • Expand awareness in general
    • Don't focus on one element just be more aware of one area of the body