Great Example of a Tactical Fitness Workout

These guys are breaking new ground in integrated skillset cardio work.  Cardio work can take many forms and can incorporate many movements beyond than good ol' running or walking on the incline.  Check out this Tabata circuit (see for more info on this interval based circuit), it is great but take note of the Poul Ups at 2:00.   

With our busy lives and numerous obligations, killing two birds with one stone is needed to get it all done in a day.  A little trigger control work while incorporating a strength movement gets us that much better.

Good work Craig.



Tabata w/ SIRT gun

Hey Mike,
Just wanted to share a Tabata workout we recently did with the SIRT gun incorporated into one of the stations. We're not world class marksmen or athletes, we just enjoy killing more birds with less stones, and closing the gap between firearms, Defensive Tactics, and PT.


See video