Seated Draw

When practicing your concealed carry draw, make sure to practice all positions you could find yourself in. Many of us spend a large portion of the day sitting so knowing how to draw from concealment while sitting is very important.

There are a few key elements to work on when drawing from concealment. The first is that you want to be sitting in a position that aids your weapon retention. If you are carrying with your weapon on the side of your body, you can sit in the diamond position. This is where you turn your body slightly to place the weapon in between you and the backrest of the chair. This provides extra protection for your weapon if someone goes to grab it.

Secondly, you want to get your head off line as far as possible. Standing up is predictable and takes a lot of time. Practice moving your head sideways away from where you are drawing. We find moving forward a little helps as well as it prepares you to stand up if you need to.

Hip Inside Waistband


Outside Waistband


Draw from the Ground

It is important to know how to draw and engage from the ground as you may find yourself there before you can even think to draw your weapon.

To start, know how to take a fall. Practice keeping your head tucked in and using your legs for counter balance to control the fall.

Once you get good at falling, practice your draw. To start, pivot your gun side up in the air. Then, clear your garments and draw your weapon. Aim towards the upper chest of your target.
Once the threat is gone, stand up by moving your feet under your torso as to not move closer to the attacker.

Top Tip: When engaging people from a seated or prone position, shoot at an upward angle to mitigate liability. This reduces that chance of you hitting a bystander in the same room.