Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry Training

sirt partialAs a concealed carry holder, you know training is critical. Proficiency with the pistol is inextricably intertwined with safety with a pistol. The more we handle a pistol properly with her finger off the trigger and have an awareness of the muzzle, the better off we will be if we have to use higher-level to force in a critical incident.
The training does not have to be an onerous time burden. Of course we have to train live fire, but a good line share of our gun handling can be done in our home in very short training throughout the day.

Training your concealed carry draw

How often do you currently train presenting your pistol from concealment? Most all concealed carry holders could use additional training. As a concealed carry holder you have taken your Rights seriously and protecting yourself and your loved ones. The next level is to adopt a lifestyle of training.


Of course there are numerous skill sets to train off the range

  • Awkward shooting positions
  • Movement
  • Concealed reload
  • Shooting on the move
  • Drawing from a seated position
  • And many more skillsets which might arise given the numerous different environments and potential situations.

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Please search through the concealed carry training articles to find topics that interest you.  Of course we suggest finding a local firearm instructor in your area for some proper training on and fundamentals, but whether you’re new to shooting or  an experiencing concealed carry hey review of the fundamentals is critical where perfect practice makes perfect.  Feel free to take advantage of the special offer of our pistol fundamentals DVD.  Enter the code CONCEALED_CARRY to get this special DVD at 1/2 price.