Welcome to the armorer’s course for our SIRT 107. These videos and article will cover everything you could want to know regarding maintenance and adjustments of the SIRT 107. This 6 video series covers a variety of topics. Watching all of them will give you a comprehensive understanding but feel free to jump around if you are only interested in certain topics.

  1. Overview
  2. Adjusting the Lasers
  3. Take Up Laser Basics
  4. Trigger Weight
  5. Changing the Battery
  6. Changing Sights



This video goes over the general features of the SIRT 107. Some important things to note are that the magazine is fully removable. Additionally, the back strap is removable and can be replaced with your live fire back strap. Do note that the red SIRT backstrap will not fit on a live fire gun.

Adjusting the Lasers

This video will show you how to adjust the lasers on your SIRT 107. If you are doing physical practice, you may notice that the lasers occasionally become uncalibrated. You can easily bring them back into alignment by using the tool located at the bottom of the grip. Use the tool on the four holes located around the sides of the muzzle of the SIRT. You will be able to see them moving if you hold the SIRT steady and aim at a wall. Adjust the lasers to match your sights, not the other way around.

Elevation holes for each laser are on the top and bottom of the muzzle. The both windage holes are located on the left of the muzzle.

Trigger Take Up Laser

Segment 3 of our armorer course goes over how you can adjust your take up laser. To start, you can turn the take up laser on and off by flipping the small switch near the front sight. 90% of your training will most likely be with the take up laser off but there are a few drills you can master using it.

On the 107, you can adjust exactly when you want that laser to come on. Most people set it to come on when the trigger is prepped but you can set it wherever you like. To adjust when the take up laser is activated, use the hole near the middle of the top of the slide.


Adjusting Trigger Weight

With the SIRT 107, adjusting your trigger weight is extremely easy. There are two holes on the bottom of the gun just in front of the trigger guard. With the adjustment tool, you can adjust the prep weight as well as the break weight. We recommend training with a variety of trigger weights.

Remember: Clockwise will lighten the trigger. Counter Clockwise with make the trigger heavier

Changing the Battery

Battery Type: CR2

Tools: Hammer and Punch

To access the battery, you will need to remove the front pin on the slide. We recommend using a magazine to prop up the front of the gun. Then, firmly tap on the front pin to remove it. Remove the magazine from the gun and slide the rail about an inch forward. From here it should come off by pulling up.

Secondly, remove the pin from above the trigger. This will allow you to access to trigger module. You will notice the battery on the bottom of this module. You can pop it out using the tool on the gun or any metal rod. Replace the battery with a fresh one and make sure the positive side is towards the trigger. Give it a few test trigger pulls before you reassemble the SIRT.

Reassemble the SIRT by putting the trigger module back on and putting the trigger pin back in. Then set the slide on forward from where it would rest. Firmly slide it back and replace the pin that holds it in place.

If you have any questions on this, contact our customer service and they can walk you through the process.

Changing the Sights

Changing the Sights on a SIRT is very similar to changing them on a live fire gun.

For the rear sight, just slide it out and replace it with any aftermarket sight that would fit a live-fire M&P.

For the front sight, the process is the same. Just slide off the existing sight and replace it with any standard sight.

Remember to center your sights before using the SIRT again.


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