New Free Grip
Development Course

The course is Free and has 17 short videos each breaking down key aspects of this critical pistol shooting fundamental. Each of the 17 videos are only about two minutes and progresses through grip related topics.

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Training Efficiency

Let's talk a bit about training efficiency. Not everybody's set up to be as efficient as possible on the range. What's your goal when you get to the range? What I find is when you go to the range to shoot, some training may occur, but most of the time it's for fun. A...

SIRT 107 Armorer Course

Welcome to the armorer’s course for our SIRT 107. These videos and article will cover everything you could want to know regarding maintenance and adjustments of the SIRT 107. This 6 video series covers a variety of topics. Watching all of them will give you a...

Training from your Vehicle

  Most of us spend quite a bit of time in our cars but shockingly few have ever trained using their firearm from their vehicle. It seems like it would be a no-brainer to train in your car but very facilities are setup to accommodate this. That’s where the SIRT...