Let’s talk a bit about training efficiency. Not everybody’s set up to be as efficient as possible on the range. What’s your goal when you get to the range? What I find is when you go to the range to shoot, some training may occur, but most of the time it’s for fun. A prime example of this would be when when that magazine runs dry on a drill. Instead of quickly reloading and getting back into it, people immediately stop and start talking to their buddies. Pay attention next time you’re at the range. How many people reload their firearm as soon as it goes dry? The answer is not very many. Efficiency is very, very important. The habits you build at the range will show up in the way you perform. Training efficiently starts at your home. Before you go to the range, sit down on the couch, grab a pen and say, what am I going to do out there? Set a goal. For example, I’m going to shoot 50 rounds of ammunition and I want to achieve being able to better track my sights during recoil. I’ve already started my training regimen with my SIRT so my trigger mechanics are improving and my draws are quicker. I can integrate multiple things into my training scenario with 50 rounds so I may be drawing and shooting once then following it up with a draw and shooting four times. With training like this, I get draw stroke practice, I get an iteration of picking up my sight, and then every time I pull the trigger I’m watching the sight bounce. By focusing on the efficiency of my training, I am able to work on many different aspects. By planning your training, you won’t spend as much money on ammo and your training will improve your mechanics quicker. Then as soon as you’re done with live fire, you can go back home, and get some reps in with the SIRT to see how the skills have transferred. In addition, the SIRT doesn’t limit you like a range will. You can work on movement, compromised shooting positions, and anything else your imagination can come up with.

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