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Quality Repetitions

The SIRT is design for high-volume self-diagnostic training. Every instructor knows repetition is the mother of learning. The repetitions have to be quality reps; perfect practice makes perfect.  Every shot from a SIRT is inherently diagnostic. If you’re in the matroom training aggressive use of force, officers. can actually see if shots are on target.*

Safe High-Volume Force Options Training:

Safety is paramount; Force options training is one of the most critical areas of focus in law enforcement training. Long gone are the separation of firearms and defensive tactics. The blended use of force is a continuum from open hand to use of firearm.

Safety video for SIRT Force Options Training:


This safety training video as part of a video series at This series is for law-enforcement trainers to provide best practices for Force Options training. Force Options relates tactics from open hand to lethal force with a firearm in a fluid, integrated method of instruction.

Force Options training can be for in-service or academy settings. You can think of force options training as basically taken defensive tactics to the next level and integrating the pistol into the progressive use of force.

Using the SIRT on the Range


Although the service is fantastic for dedicated dry fire stations and of course training of the range, the SIRT is fantastic for use on the range.

The Staskiewicz safety table is an great way to safely manage a live fire line and a dry fire area to make the most of precious training time.  The video below shows a practical example of a SIRT fire area adjacent to a live fire drill.

The light fire drill is very resource intensive requiring it one: one instructor to student ratio. The safety table is at a choke point where the officers exchange weapons and can train in high-volume with SIRT Training Pistols and the SIRT AR-Bolt.

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