All across the world, people are using their SIRTs to promote training, safety, and firearm proficiency. We held a contest where we asked you to show us clips of how you train with SIRT and you all delivered!

We had such a hard time picking winners that we decided to award 3rd place to two videos. Additionally, we will also be sending some smaller prizes to everyone who submitted an entry to this contest, even if you didn’t end up in the top three.

Check out some highlights in the compilation video. Full videos from the winners are below.

Winner Compilation Video


1st Place Winner – Joey of Train L1G

Prize: SIRT Pistol Pro RG + SIRT STIC


2nd Place Winner – Renee of Lioness Tactics

Prize: SIRT Pistol Pro RG + SIRT Knife


3rd Place Winners – Billy and GW

Prize: SIRT Pistol Performer RR + SIRT Glasses