Concealed carry weapon retention is one of the areas most who carry don’t consider. Many close quarter encounters begin with a physical assault. Most people are concerned with drawing their weapons quickly. Especially when most holsters don’t provide any retention features. We’ll cover standing, seated and ground weapon retention.

Remember many Law Enforcement Officers are disarmed and killed with their own firearms. They have Level II and III holsters and better training than most civilians.
Unlikely Hollywood many subjects continue to fight even after being shot. Statistically most who are shot in the U.S. survive, this includes 42% survival rate for headshots.

Hip Inside Waistband


Appendix Carry

Comfort – Medium, quite comfortable for standing but pinches when sitting
Concealment – Excellent with a long shirt
Control – Medium, depending on the holster it is an easy place for an attacker to grab

Outside Waistband


Key to weapon retention:

  • Control Elbow
  • Control Wrist on gun grab hand
  • Pry fingers off gun handle
  • Shoot at upward or downward angle.
  • If gun comes out during retention attempt, continue to control elbow and muzzle.
  • Bend muzzle back towards subject to release gun.

Top Tip: Controlling the gun is important but you may find it is necessary to control the wrist and elbow of your attacker to get an edge.