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When you join our NRA Instructor Program, you will be joining thousands of trainers from around the country who already use the SIRT Training Pistol in their courses.

NRA Pistol Affiliate Instructor Class

Join along with over 1,100 other NRA instructors that have taken this free NLT Affiliate Instructor: NRA Basic Pistol course.  This course is a few years old but still relevant.

Exclusive NRA Instructor Pricing

NLT is committed to support NRA instructors. Currently thousands of NRA instructors use the SIRT Training Pistol in their curriculum. As an NRA instructor you can receive discounts on packages and talk to our trainer support services to understand and incorporate best practices with the SIRT to safely increase your students’ total participation and involvement, diagnostics on and off the range and overall learning experience and enjoyment in your classes.

We support the NRA

NLT is passionately behind the mission of the NRA. The NRA has produced (from our understanding) over 134,000 instructors. The NRA curriculum which incorporates the tenets of adult learning and is a fantastic resource for any instructor. As you have earned your NRA training certificate we want to support your training efforts with special pricing and further educational resources.

Please review the online course to earn an affiliate instructor SIRTificate from NLT. This course is directed around best means of utilizing the SIRT Training Pistol in the NRA basic course. Some of the material extends to curriculum modules outside that course and further. There are many, many more instructional aspects that go much beyond this curriculum (such as force on force training, advanced diagnostic of problem shooters, awkward shooting position, low light, … ) but it’s a good start to understand some of the instructional methods of the NRA course with a SIRT Pistol.

Easy Online Ordering

If we can properly validate that you’ve earned the title of an NRA instructor we want to streamline your purchase but we also strongly encourage you to contact trainer support services so you can best understand how to incorporate a SIRT into your training curriculum. Please call 360 933-4640 for more information.

We appreciate and commend your commitment to further the ball down the field for safe firearm practices. Proper education is the key and we are committed to supporting you.

Where to go from here?

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Learning! We are all about never ending improvement. We want to put resources into creating meaningful training content.  Some content is specifically directed to Instructors, such as the free NLT Affiliate Instructor: NRA Basic Pistol course (noted above) but we produce content for all levels of shooters.  Check out some of our newer content below.

If you haven’t logged in yet feel free to do so and update your information now. Be sure to indicate you are an NRA Instructor in the check box below.