What SIRT do I get?

Explaining the different platforms and options with the SIRT Training Pistols


Are you confused on SIRT options and platforms?   We understand; we have grown our lineup and expanded the options over the years.  The additional options and features inevitably causes confusion.   If anything is still unclear feel free to call Customer Service at (360) 933-4640 ext 3.

The original SIRT.... the 110 Series

The Performer

The performer has a polymer slide and red shot indicating laser which provides all the functionality of the SIRT platforms also with a red take up laser.  The 110s have functional features of a Glock 17/22.

Overview of 110 options

The 110 Pro

The SIRT 110 Pro Training Pistol has a powerful green shot indicating laser that is very visible outside and the red trigger take-up laser.

The 110 Pro further has a metal slide that gives this model the heft and feel of a live fire gun.

The sights are replaceable and the trigger is adjustable.

The 110 Pro is excellent piece of kit to train all your pistol manipulation skills including draw, NPA shooting, sighted fire, reloads, compromised shooting positions… all the skills minus recoil management, slide lock stimulus and malfunction recognition and clearance.

The Options with a 110 Model

This grid shows the options you have with a 110.  

The other option of Glock shooters is the 115 described below.

Shot Laser Color
Slide Material
Shot Laser
Shot Laser
$439 $339

The 115 Series

The 115 and 115C Models

The SIRT 115/115C series is the latest model emulating functional features of a Glock®* 17,22 and 47 with the 115, and the Glock®* 19 and 23 with a 115C.  “C” stands for compact.

The new series features additional functionality, such as an embedded tool in the handle for adjusting lasers and turning on and off to take up laser switch.  

There is an external removable battery, external adjustable trigger set screws prep and break, adjustability for when trigger take up laser comes on with respect to distance of trigger pull, and, of course the common of replaceable sites, adjustable hit location of shot indicating laser and take up laser, removable, magazine, replaceable mag catch.

The SIRT 115C (compact)

Functional Features of a Glock® 19

Should I get a SIRT 110 or a SIRT 115? 🤯

The 110 series the 115 series comes in either red shot indicating laser or the powerful green shot indicating laser.  As with all SIRTs, there is a red trigger take up laser.  The 115 series lets you adjust when the trigger take up laser comes on with respects to the trigger movement distance.  The 115 Series does not come with polymer slides, only the full weight metal slides.

The non-Glock® SIRT Platforms

The SIRT 107

Functional features of a Smith & Wesson M&P

The SIRT 107 has functional features of a Smith & Wesson M&P. It has an adjustable trigger, removable magazine, replaceable sights, adjustable trigger take up activation and realistic feel. See this video showing the SIRT107.

The SIRT 20

Functional features of a Sig Sauer® 320 

The SIRT 20 has functional features of a Sig Sauer® 320.  The SIRT 20 comes in a compact in the full-size. The SIRT 20 has an adjustable trigger, removable magazine, replaceable sights, adjustable trigger take up and other features noted in this video.  We are very excited how this SIRT platform came out and have had strong response from SIG 320 owners. If you are SIG 320 shooter this is a must have.

The SIRT 20


The SIRT "Pocket Pistol"

Pocket pistol has a feel and profile combination of many of the subcompact pistols. You can order it with different extensions to emulate different grip feel of different platforms.

The short extension emulates a lot of smaller, subcompact pistols, whereas the extended grip emulates pistols with a longer handle such as a Smith & Wesson Shield. The curved version emulates pistols that have a curved magazine extension such as a Glock® 43.   Like many SIRT platforms, you can choose to have either a metal or polymer slide.

You can also choose a green or red shot indicating laser.  

As with all the SIRTs the PP comes with a red trigger prep laser.  The shot indicating laser comes in either green or red.

Bonus Content

How was the SIRT developed.

A short video showing the OG SIRT that was created in about 2010 and why it was developed.

Mike shares how the simplicity of the device is deceptive to fully comprehend the SIRT utility.

Why is the SIRT 110 called a 110?

and why is the 107 called a 107??

A quick video going over the naming conventions of the SIRT platforms.