2011 Fundamentals

Pistol Fundamentals

This is one of our older first videos. We get hit with a lot of requests regarding fundamental technique. People that get a SIRT ask, “well what I do with it?”  Sometimes we take for granted a lot of people haven’t had the opportunity to get training.  Even if you have had some instruction, I think it is incredibly focus and reflect on the fundamentals.

DVD7Special Offer on Pistol Fundamental DVD

Since we did this video a few years ago, we have updated the content and the quality and put it in this video. If you stumble on this post, here’s a discount code, FUNDAMENTALSdvdSpecial, to get 50% off this fundamentals video.  This code is only for the DVD, but will work with other codes so you can get a SIRT with another discount code.

We rally like this content and want people to have the best technique possible, before hitting high volume of repetitions.

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