Acceptable Accuracy

Do you shoot to maximize your speed and accuracy?  If you want to maximize your speed and accuracy you have to strive to get “acceptable hits” not “perfect center hits”.

The important element on acceptable accuracy zones is to know How much need to use your sights and how much you can rely on your natural point of aim. Now we have a few variables in the mix; distance to the target and size of the target. The size of the target is acceptable accuracy zone as soon as you identify where you want to place bullets. As I learn from Michael Seeklander, you have to get repetitions with a view of the sights and understanding where the bullet impact will be for: 1) that particular sight picture and 2) the particular distance from the target. Rob Pincus of icetraining has a similar drill of moving the gun in a circle, deliberately having poor sight picture while breaking shots to get an appreciation how the pistol does not need to be dead center still acceptable (combat accuracy). Log in to see rest…

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Mark says October 21, 2016

I’d like to thank everyone from the USCCA and Next Level Training for all they are doing in their efforts to teach all of us to live our lives safely. Peace be with you all and may God bless all of you and yours as well! Your Brother in Christ, Mark

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