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Shooting upward to the head on an imminent lethal threat not only gets your head out of the line of fire and delivers a immediately incapacitating counter strike, but further, you can limit your liability in the event you miss. Of course one stock response is “don’t miss”. However, for anyone that’s done any scenarios or training in the dojo with SIRT Training Pistols(Or with marking guns such as UTM™/Simunition™ rounds) know that missing does indeed occur in real life. Practically speaking, the number of misses in fire fights with police officers is over 80%, so we have to be realistic on mitigating liability.
This video describe some practical insides regarding the analysis of shooting upward and the trajectory of rounds.

Presented by Sgt. Don Gulla: 12 year SWAT Team/Entry Specialist. Police Academy Instructor for 7 years. Master Firearms and Force Options Instructor. State Certified LE and Security Firearms Instructor. Founder of Arrestling Force Options Training Groups. Over 38 years of Martial Arts/Combative Arts Training. 5 time Karate Gold Medalist, World Police and Fire Games. Senior Master NLT Instructor for SIRTifications.

Don Gulla Head shot series

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