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Product Description: The LASR X software, developed and distributed by LASR Team LLC, can be used with most any computer to help give you more feedback from your training. LASR X is functionally similar to the LASR software but built to be compatible on a many more systems. The software is compatible to be used with both the red and green shot indicating lasers used in the SIRT Training Pistols. You can find the necessary system requirements for the software below. This listing is for a lifetime membership.P
Minimum System requirements
Any phone, tablet, or computer, of any operating system, can run LASR X, using the built-in camera or external webcams.
For any questions on the features and compatibility of LASR X, please contact [email protected]
  Training Aide Compatibility The only training aid requirement is that it has a momentary laser. Most of the time, in devices like this, the laser is activated mechanically when you pull the trigger. The SIRT Training Pistol works extremely well with LASR X. “Constant On” laser devices, such as bore-sighters and laser sights, are not compatible or practical.
Target Compatibility LASR X will work with almost anything as a target, within normal indoor lighting. You can use a lightswitch or picture on the wall, full-size silhouettes, printouts from the internet, and much more. You can even have targets at different distances, angles, spread out over a large area, and in different lighting conditions.
You may find that in different lighting conditions, some targets work better than others.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bob King

    The LASR-X software is a great training aid for use with the SIRT. It is easy to setup and use. It includes a wide variety of training exercises that provide immediate feedback. It is especially useful for training that is not allowed at many ranges (i.e. drawing, moving, etc.). I use a Logitech C615 camera, with a 10-foot USB extension cord connected to a MS Surface Go laptop. Plug and play.

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