Train with Your Own AR-15

You can train with your AR 15 in your own house. Steve Gowin shows some very basic training techniques you can do with your own AR.  Learn how to train some basic skills such as operate the safety (selector switch) with your AR-15 and reposition the rifle from one shoulder to the other as you move around the barricades. Although this video shows the training and in a train studio, of course you can do similar types of training in your own house.

sirt ar bolt in rifle finger on trigger

Training Safe Habits with Your AR-15

It’s important to properly use the safety. When not on target switch the safety down and when raising the rifle turn the safety on. The SIRT AR-Bolt allows you to manipulate your safety so you can train this very important skill set.

It is critical to keep your finger off future until ready to shoot. Combination of training operating the safety with getting the finger off the trigger while operating the safety is a crucial skill set.

Training Your Offset

training offset gowin hitting barricade

Your  optic (or sites) on your AR-15 is offset from the muzzle. Usually this distance is about two and a half inches. Therefore, if you’re should can run a barricade with the rifle slanted or shooting over an object, it is not unheard of for the bullet to hit the barricade or object you’re shooting over. Therefore, it’s important to trained in awkward positions and learn the offset from your optic to your muscle (where the bullet will come out).  It is a lot safer to learn this with only a laser coming out of your barrel!

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