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The new SIRT 107 Training Pistol has an adjustable trigger tikka mechanism to adjust when the lower red theater tickets laser turns on. Original cirque 110 only activated when the trigger was fully prepped, that’s when the chairs pressed at approximately the halfway point

The very first batch of of SIRTs were sold to a law enforcement department who wanted to know when the trigger finger was on the trigger.  A startle flinch can cause and up to a 20 pound force contraction of the trigger finger, therefore officers (and shooters in general) need to keep their finger off the trigger until the ready to shoot.

G-R red slide3

In the Original SIRT 110 the lower red laser is the trigger take up laser. The upper green laser (on a pro model) is the shot indicating laser

NLT responded did this training need to make the next generation of SIRTs have and adjustable trigger sensor to activate the lower red laser with little trigger movement.

107 Picture edited

The new SIRT 107 has an adjustment to the trigger sensor to adjust when the lower red laser comes on.

When and how do you train this?

An instructor can adjust the trigger take up laser to come on right when the trigger is touched.  When the trigger take up indicator switch is on, the lower red laser will activate as soon as an officer touches the trigger. For example if an instructor is conducting say team tactics, the instructor(s) can monitor the officer movement and see if  the red light comes on.

For example, changing the environment such as merely turning the lights out which is a common noxious stimuli(in this case) causing the trigger finger to search out the trigger, which is bad.  Therefore, the lower red laser show if any officer is improperly putting her finger on the trigger.

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