Shooting/Creating 3D Targets

In this training by Don Gulla, you will learn the benefits of shooting a 3D target and how it is a better way to train than with 2D targets. In addition, you will learn how you can quickly and cheaply make a custom 3D target for yourself.

You will immediately notice that when shooting from an angle, a 3D target gives you a true sense of where the bullet will impact and what it’s trajectory is. Use this information to determine if the hit would truly incapacitate the target or if it would just be a grazing hit.

Most ranges can’t accommodate a shooter moving around the target. This is where the SIRT is a perfect training tool. At 1:25, Don Gulla demonstrates how to make your own 3D target. It can be as simple as using a piece of paper and setting it up in your living room. Please make sure that all live fire weapons are out of the picture when training inside with your SIRT.

To make a target, take a large stiff piece of paper and roll it into a tube. This will be the base of the target. From here, you can either draw your own face/target or utilize Don’s custom target method using an iPhone.
To make a custom target, set your phone camera to panorama mode. Then, have your head model turn their head slowly in one direction. From here you can print the picture and then attach it to your base target.


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