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  • Chris Collins Concealed Carry Draw Series 2 Episode 1


In the first video of this second series by Chris Collins, you will learn the pros and cons of concealed carrying on the front half of your waistband. Chris utilizes a Kydex holster for this training but it will apply to almost any appendix holster.

To start, we will go over the cons of carrying appendix. Mainly, it can feel bulky because you are carrying a rigid object where your body usually bends. With all new holsters, it is important to “practice” wearing the holster to figure out if it will work for your body. It may take some getting used to but if you find it to be causing constant pain or discomfort you may need to consider carrying in a different position. We recommend trying for 2-3 days to get a true feel for it.

There are a few positives that come with appendix carry. Primarily, it is fast and easy to get to. Additionally, it gives you greater control of the retention of the weapon. For example, in a fight, if someone reaches for your gun you simply need to push down on the gun to keep it in the holster.


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