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In the third installment of this series, Chris discusses the benefits of moving at an angle towards your target. While this may seem counterintuitive, it gets you off the X and forces the attacker to react to your movements. Additionally, this motion can buy you time to unholster your firearm and engage. Depending on distance, you may wish to run while you draw your firearm as this will force the attacker to adjust their body position further.

It is important to train in your usual environment so grab your SIRT and practice this one at home. At 1:08, Chris describes how he sets up for this drill. To start, set up a target and place two cones two cones about 10 feet on either side. Then, stand 10-15 feet from your target, the cones should be at about 45 degrees on your left and right. Stand in a relaxed stance with your SIRT holstered.  

To begin, have a buzzer or friend alert you to start the drill.  From here, alternate running to the left and right while drawing your SIRT and engaging the target.  If you are new to this drill, start slow and focus on getting good hits on the target.  You may notice that shooting while on the move is more difficult as you are not planted on the ground.  Dashes are okay for this drill but focus on making them shorter as you improve.  Practice running at different speeds until you find a speed where you are quick and comfortable.

This simple drill is a great way to become a well rounded shooter as it develops your footwork, draw, and shooting on the move.


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