Do you target shoot or do you drive the gun?

Speed and accuracy are two core metrics of shooting performance. Of course you want to be able to have acceptable accuracy and speed in a variety of adverse circumstances whether it be a critical incident, a competition, or simply just shooting a new pistol you’re not accustomed to.

USCCA Drive the Gun DVD produced by Mike Hughes of NextLevel Training

NextLevel Training produced a video for United States Concealed Carry called “Drive the Gun” which was a follow-up DVD to “Training Your Own Home”.  Train in Your Own Home lays out fundamentals of pistol shooting and how to practically set up training for high volume and self diagnostic training

train in your home

Who Should Drive the Gun

You don’t have to be a competitive pistol shooter or primarily motivated for defense of shooting to adopt principles of increasing your speed and accuracy, driving the gun.

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Look for content on the site related to driving the gun so you can maximize your ability to shoot fast and accurately.

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