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Drive The Gun

Do you target shoot or do you drive the gun? Speed and accuracy are two core metrics of shooting performance. Of course you want to be able to have acceptable accuracy and speed in a variety of adverse circumstances whether it be a critical incident, a competition, or simply just shooting a new pistol you’re not accustomed to. […]

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Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry Training As a concealed carry holder, you know training is critical. Proficiency with the pistol is inextricably intertwined with safety with a pistol. The more we handle a pistol properly with her finger off the trigger and have an awareness of the muzzle, the better off we will be if we have to […]

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Law Enforcement

If you’re a law-enforcement officer, aspiring to be in law-enforcement, or in particular, a law-enforcement instructor (defensive tactics, firearms  or practical training unit) you will want to jump on the wave of integrated inserts into your curriculum Law Enforcement Training   The SIRT Training Pistol and the SIRT AR-Bolt is utilized in academies, large and small […]

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