If you’re a law-enforcement officer, aspiring to be in law-enforcement, or in particular, a law-enforcement instructor (defensive tactics, firearms  or practical training unit) you will want to jump on the wave of integrated inserts into your curriculum

Law Enforcement Training


IMG_8170 SIRTs on Ground

The SIRT Training Pistol and the SIRT AR-Bolt is utilized in academies, large and small departments as well as private law-enforcement training institutions.  One particular Area emerging is the merger of open hand to lethal force training. This IMG_4499@0,5xblended learning model between the defensive tactics instructors and the firearms training unit starters instructors urges the skills and helps the decision-making of officers.

Train Practically

How often have you trained from a seated position? What about a seated position with other people around you. The Lakewood incident in gulla seated shootingWashington state left four officers dead as they were sitting in a coffee shop.  Tragic incidents are reminders that we have to always be expanding our training to become practical and the search allows for training in a much wider array of circumstances and locations.

Range Time Management

The Staskiewicz transfer table is a method developed by Dave Staskiewicz, a firearms instructor from a large metropolitan police department.  The transfer table is a way to have a choke point where live fire guns are exchanged with SIRTs to doulbe up your training time and allow more space on the live fire range.   The training officer at the SIRT fire station has a primary role to make sure there are no live fire pistols, but you can have a greater ratio of students to instructor at this area (see the left portion the photo below).  This practice significantly improves range time management and use of resources (time and rounds).


range time management good

Half the class is doing a live fire drill and the other half are doing SIRT drills at 90° at the ballistic wall.

 How is the Sirt Implemented at a Department?

Here is a full presentation of how the SIRT is used a large metropolitan department.  Officer Staskiewicz describes his initial reluctance to using new technology and describes how the tool has made a positive impact.  This video was taken at a law enforcement retreat deep in the Pacific Northwest.
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