Diagnostic Training

When was the last time you truly focused on your fundamentals? We all know they are important but it is easy to have them slip your mind when practicing advanced drills. In truth, all reps should be diagnostic. When you take a diagnostic approach to your training, you can figure out what your deficiencies are and how to improve them. This isn’t just for beginners either; the best shooters evaluate every shot they take.

The SIRT is a powerful self diagnostic tool. While a bullet hole shows a moment in time, the SIRT gives you the entire story.

Dots Vs Dashes

One concept that shows this is the ‘Dots vs Dashes’ test. As you take a few reps with the SIRT, see if the laser appears as a dot or dash on the target. If it looks more like a dash, this is indicative of a trigger issue. The dash shows that your weapon is not remaining stable during your trigger pull. A longer dash indicated more movement.  

If the laser appears as a dot but is still off target, this tells you that there is a problem with your muzzle alignment on the target. Depending on your distance from the target, this can mean one of two things. If you are far away, it is likely a sight alignment issue. You are either not looking at the sights properly or your weapon isn’t properly sighted.  If you are close to the target and still are inaccurate, it is a grip issue. You want to develop a grip that gives a natural sense of aim.

If you want to ramp up the difficulty, use the adjustable trigger weight of the SIRT and set it higher.  This will really test and develop your hand muscles and control.

Training on a range is great when you have the time but most of us can’t get there every day. With the SIRT, you can turn your home into a practice range. Every item in your home can become a target, meaning that you can train for short periods of time throughout the day, everyday. Take extra care when training at home to have live fire weapons out of the picture.


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