Want to take your dry firing to the next level? LASR enhances the self-diagnostic SIRT by tracking all your hits and recording the timing. The SIRT pistol is a great self-diagnostic dry fire tool because you get instant visual feedback from each of your shots. While our brains can handle a few shots, if you want to break down timing and see where you hit over the course of an entire drill, you are going to need some help from LASR software. Think of it as a virtual bullet hole. That mixed with a robust timing feature allows you to track your speed and accuracy inside your own home.

Setup is easy. Install the software on any windows computer with an external web camera, go through a basic set up, and you are good to go. If you don’t want to use your own computer and camera, they offer a stand-alone LASR Station as well.

Watch this quick video to learn more and see how LASR software can improve your training.

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