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Enhance your rifle training with the safe and effective SIRT STIC. The STIC allows you to mount your SIRT 110 pistol inside a familiar AR platform and take advantage of laser dry fire training.


Seamlessly transition from pistol training to riflecraft with the STIC. The STIC requires a SIRT 110 to use.


Rifle Sling

Practice sling manipulation by using this product with the SIRT STIC

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The SIRT STIC allows you to get more effective rifle training at your convenience. Laser dry fire training has been proven to increase speed and accuracy but has been mostly limited to pistol platforms. With the SIRT STIC, you can now bring rifle training home. We’ve built it to handle all of your attachments and adjustments so that you can get as close to the real thing as possible. The STIC uses a SIRT 110 quick mount system so you can change from pistol to rifle training in 10 seconds. There is no better platform for improving your pistol and rifle proficiency.


  • Quick-mount system for SIRT 110 Pistol
  • Functioning Safety
  • Extendable Stock
  • M-LOK and KeyMod mounting points
  • Sling mounts on buttstock and buffer tube
  • Extendable Barrel
  • Mount your lights and optics on the top and side rails
  • Pressure fit mag-well fits a standard Magpul Pmag

Enhance your Training

  • Practice in the comfort of your own home
  • Get instant feedback on the quality of your trigger pull
  • Work weapon manipulation
  • See how offset will effect your shots
  • Frequent training makes your a safer and more effective shooter

1 review for SIRT STIC

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Doug Gellman (verified owner)

    I have been dutifully impressed with the SIRT STIC, and have been easily able to accessorize it so that it mimics my primary AR-15 for dry fire and laser target practice. I have a laser target shooting gallery setup, and it helps with depth perception training with movements around walls and firing while in motion with an inert practice rifle. The weight is approximate with my AR, and the functionality with my SIRT 110 is seamless. The metal pic rail on top has been very durable, and being able to change-out the adjustable stock for something that can accommodate one that accepts different cheek weld heights has been great.
    Cons: This is why I gave it only four stars and not five, a quarter star deduction for each con that I mention. The MLOK slots are only at approximately the one o-clock, five o-clock, seven o-clock and nine o-clock positions. I wish there were also MLOK slots at the three and nine o-clock positions like on the handguards on my ARs so I could accessorize it in the same manner as my ARs. Although there are 3-inch sections of polymer pic rails at the end of the handguard at the three and nine o-clock positions, I feel it would have been better and more consistent if they had been MLOK slots like the other aforementioned parts of the handguard. I also didn’t realize that it was keymod slots on the underside of the handguard at the six o-clock position. After I received the STIC, I discovered that it was keymod on the bottom and had to order an adaptor to attach my accessories. I feel that it really should have been MLOK on the underside as well for consistency. The adjustability of the barrel length is great, but it requires loosening four bolts with a hex wrench whenever you want to adjust it. A quicker easier adjustment system would have been nice for quick adjustments from pistol length to carbine length. The trigger safety, although it works well, is a bit stiff and not as smooth as on a real AR. My wife does not seem to have the finger strength to be able to manipulate it properly, and although it has held-up so far, it appears as it could be the weakest part of the system durability wise. Lastly, magazines are held in the magazine well only by friction. I use it with P-mags, but it takes some effort to pull to remove a mag from the well. I wish there had been an actual mag release button that would allow the mag to drop freely such as on the SIRT 110, so that it accurately mimics magazine changes. I am also concerned about how the friction tab for holding-in the magazine will hold-up over time with repeated magazine changes. Despite my nitpicks, I still think it is a great training accessory and worth the money and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it if you are on the fence. I just hope that the SIRT folks will look at my cons as an opportunity to improve the STIC if they ever decide to come out with a 2.0 version.

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