SIRT STIC 115 Pro Bundle

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Enhance your rifle training with the safe and effective SIRT STIC. The STIC allows you to mount your SIRT 110 pistol inside a familiar AR platform and take advantage of laser dry fire training.


Seamlessly transition from pistol training to riflecraft with the STIC. The STIC requires a SIRT 110 to use.

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SIRT 115

The SIRT 115 emulates the functional features of a Glock 17

Metal Slide


Rifle Sling - Optional

Practice sling manipulation by using this product with the SIRT STIC

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Pro Bundle Includes:

  • SIRT 115 Pro RG Pistol

The SIRT STIC allows you to get more effective rifle training at your convenience. Laser dry fire training has been proven to increase speed and accuracy but has been mostly limited to pistol platforms. With the SIRT STIC, you can now bring rifle training home. We’ve built it to handle all of your attachments and adjustments so that you can get as close to the real thing as possible. The STIC uses a SIRT 115 quick mount system so you can change from pistol to rifle training in 10 seconds. There is no better platform for improving your pistol and rifle proficiency.

This bundles includes a SIRT 115 Pro RG. The 115 has functional features of the Glock 17 Gen 5.  Does not include an AR magazine.  We suggest using Magpul magazines to train mag insertions.




  • Quick-mount system for SIRT 115 Pistol
  • Functioning Safety
  • Extendable Stock
  • M-LOK and KeyMod mounting points
  • Sling mounts on buttstock and buffer tube
  • Extendable Barrel
  • Mount your lights and optics on the top and side rails
  • Pressure fit mag-well fits a standard Magpul Pmag (does NOT come with an AR Mag)

Enhance your Training

  • Practice in the comfort of your own home
  • Get instant feedback on the quality of your trigger pull
  • Work weapon manipulation
  • See how offset will effect your shots
  • Frequent training makes your a safer and more effective shooter


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SIRT 115




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