Reset Reprep


In this video, Mike Hughes explains the process of resetting a trigger after you squeeze off a shot. Resetting the trigger is something a lot of shooters don’t think about but is a crucial part of completing the process. To practice, pull the trigger until you feel it hit the point where any more pressure will cause it to fire. Then, squeeze the trigger as if you were firing off a shot. Now, slowly let your finger move forward until you feel the trigger reset. Finally, instead of letting the trigger move all the way forward, hold the trigger against the break point.

One of the easiest ways to train this is with the SIRT take-up laser. This allows you to see exactly when the trigger is prepped. Ideally, when you are resetting the trigger, the take-up laser will only turn off for a short moment. By practicing getting back to the reset, you will find that you are able to fire off shots quicker and more comfortably.
With all SIRT training, you want to reinforce the training on the range with a live firearm.

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