In this video training, Gary Drake goes over Stance Directed Fire, also known as Compressed CQB Fire. This method has been refined over the years through testing many different techniques. It is used for close quarters combat where you need to place rounds on an attacker who is very close. At the beginning of this video, Gary goes over the old technique and some of the deficiencies of it. Primarily, you end up losing your physical power and leave your head exposed to a strike.

The new method doesn’t change much but addressed the problems with the old method. The primary change is that now when you pull back to draw, you are using your off arm to protect your head and keep a small amount of distance between you and the attacker. Additionally, you aren’t stepping back so that you keep your leverage. This new stance gives you the option of drawing your weapon or engaging the physically.

This new method of engaging keeps you in control and safer overall. It gives you options instead of being forced into a draw. Practice this method with your SIRT training pistol and be sure to validate with a target on a range that supports close quarters shooting.

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