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Stance Directed Fire

In this video training, Gary Drake goes over Stance Directed Fire, also known as Compressed CQB Fire. This method has been refined over the years through testing many different techniques. It is used for close quarters combat where you need to place rounds on an attacker who is very close. At the beginning of this […]

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Seated Shooting

Shooting from a Seated Position This is definitely not standard pistolcraft we train on the range, but yet this is very very practical training.  In Lakewood Washington, four officers were shot while seated at a coffee shop. This is a subject that really hits home for everyone in the Northwest.  Sgt. Don Gulla provides some […]

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Gulla’s Progressive Use of Force Video Series

Intro Video on Gulla’s Progressive Use of Force   The first series related to the Triangle Shooting Drill If you’re interested about this type of training please let us know contact us and we can let you know about our SIRT Instructor Classes. The above video the first of a playlist of five videos.  

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