In this video, Mike Hughes discusses a few different methods of trigger control. There are a few different methods taught in the industry but the main goal is to be able to break a shot without disturbing the muzzle alignment. We recommend you find a method that works best for you. Don’t be afraid to try new techniques to see what comes most naturally to you. Do note that when you are trying new techniques, you may find your performance temporarily decreases. This is because you need to give your body time to adjust to the new techniques.

There are two main ways to pull a trigger. The first involves pulling the trigger all the way back without stopping at the break point. This involves one fluid motion. Alternatively, you can take the slack out of the trigger by pulling it all the way to the point where any more pressure is going to break the shot. Then, from here you break the shot when your sights are aligned. This means you are essentially breaking your trigger pull into two parts. First, you prep the trigger, then you break the shot.

Mike Hughes uses a method where he aggressively takes up the slack in the trigger up to the break point. If you find this is more natural for you, make sure to get many repetitions in as you have to learn where exactly your trigger will break the shot off.

Using the SIRT is a great way to figure out which technique is best for you. You can immediately diagnose trigger issues by looking at how the laser impacts the target. If you are getting dashes instead of dots, you know there is movement in the muzzle due to your trigger pull.
As always, validate SIRT training with live fire on the range.


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