Many shooters judge themselves based on how they perform when warmed up. In reality, if you are using your firearm for self defense, you will not have that luxury. It’s important to know how accurate and quick you are with the first few shots. This can be a bit tricky to practice though. How many of us can get to the range every day for a quick practice? That is where the SIRT proves to be an incredibly helpful tool. With a SIRT, no time is wasted with traveling to a range or setting up. Simply grab it off your coffee table, find a target, and get a few reps in. Do this a few times throughout the day and you will know how good you truly are when uncalibrated. Furthermore, it has been shown that distributed learning is much more efficient than mass learning. Simply put, if you can invest 15 minutes every day, it will be much more effective than going to the range for a few hours every month. Activities that become routine become easier over time.   Training uncalibrated is also great to improve your overall shooting ability. Notice how Mike makes up a drill on the spot when he switches to live fire. This is because he wants to master the skill, not the drill. Drills are great for developing your shooting skills but only if you focus on what it is trying to teach you in a broad sense. If you are just focused on getting through the drill quickly, you won’t retain nearly as much.

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