Transitioning from target to target is simple in theory, but have you thought about the complex ways your body moves just to rotate? Mastering control of your body will allow you to improve the quickness and accuracy of your shots. For this training, we will be focusing on using our thoracic vertebrae, hips, and knees. The thoracic vertebrae make up the section of your back from the bottom of your ribs to the to top of your ribs.

It’s important to lead your muscles with your eyes. At :45 in the video, Mike demonstrates a drill showing how your body should follow. In this drill, Mike starts with a narrow transition. For this, he will keep his lower body stable and engage the targets by just moving his upper body. Then, when he switches to the wider transitions, he will use his hips and knees for the larger motions, while still using his upper body for the fine tuning.

Notice how Mike violently drives his body to the target. When going through a wide transition, he doesn’t rotate with a constant speed. He accelerates towards the target before decelerating in the last 20% of the way. This keeps him quick and nimble. It sounds complex but if you just let your body follow your eyes you will find it comes easily with practice.

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