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Trigger Prep

Stagging the Trigger
Once you have taken a few shots with a SIRT training pistol turn on the take-up indicator which is a switch on top of the gun.  The trigger take-up indicator has a switch to turn on the red laser that is activated only when you prep the trigger.  With the SIRT pro, the shot indicating laser’s green and the prep laser is red.  The red laser is not necessarily intended for a sighting aid but moreover a indicator when the trigger is prepped.

Many new shooters will prep and break in one sequence.  As you get more advanced this is a technique to pull the trigger but to start out we have to have the skill of first staging the trigger, prepping it which means pulling it about halfway to where the trigger hits a “wall” then a slight pause and increased force on the trigger until it “breaks” which means breaking a shot.  With a SIRT this is sending the green laser with a live fire gun this means sending a live round.

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