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stance wwoops
Stance is a foundation to shoot. The stance has to be in a balanced location to handle recoil for not only the first shot but all of th
e follow up shots. Try to keep the weight on your toes and stagger your feet slightly. Drop down and sink into your stance. In other words simply stand with a slightly wide base and drop your hips, bend your knees a little bit forward but comfortably sink into your stance. One technique you can utilize is try to stick your butt out. If you put your fingers near your hips, they should pinch together somewhat (like doing a squat).

Don’t contort the body in any weird fashion. Just do what feels natural and athletic.

From your sink and stance you should feel as though you can move in any direction. The stance is a platform for your upper body to feel natural.
With regard to your upper body platform, if you naturally punch your arms out and keep a bent arm then try rolling this into your stance for holding the gun. If you naturally straighten your arms out all the way then initially try holding the gun with your arms fully extended. Keep those knees bent. Many shooters start out with straight legs and generally arcing backward. This is somewhat balance but it does not facilitate movement. Having the knees bent and feeling comfortable being low will help you have not only a good platform for the first shot, and follow up shot but moreover moving in between shots.

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