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Grab the gun where the flesh between your thumb and forefinger is high as possible. Wrap the fingers around the front portion of the gun and do not grip the gun like a rope but rather try to grip the gun like a “C clamp” where the front part of the second knuckles are pressed aggressively into the front part of the guns. When you hold your hand out and grip your bottom three fingers (See at about: 50 seconds on end in the video) you can see how your trigger finger will sympathetically move with your lower fingers. If we push back like a C clamp we tend to relax our trigger finger to engage trigger more easily.T

here is a slight cavity between our strong hand thumb and the gun. This valley like cavity can be filled in with the support hand so the support hand is pressed a little bit behind the gun eating up some of the recoil. This is still fundamentals of Mike Hughes 8 grip and stance review.

When we put it all together, we have a nice wide stance, we drop down, our glutes are out, we have an solid upper turret like upper platform, the weak hand flesh part of the thumb is engaging just a part of the rear part of the grip of the gun. We have chest squeeze where the arms are squeezing together at the palms behind the gun. The chest squeeze tends to relax our forearms to allow our trigger finger to operate without screwing up the orientation of the muzzle or having trigger lock where we do not fluidly work the trigger. From a good stance we feel as though we can move, we can change elevation, we are aggressive and can handle recoil.

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