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Don’t Pin the Triggeravoid pinning trigger

We are often taught follow through with regard to trigger control.  This means pressing the trigger rearward and continuing to press it and hold it rearward.  The SIRT training pistol is designed to have the green laser stay on when the trigger is held rearwardly.  With regard to follow through, by the time the trigger has gone as far back as possible, the bullet is gone.  Therefore, we have really completed our follow through and have to release pressure on the trigger and let it come back up to the reset.  This means with the SIRT training pistol that the green laser should not stay on.

We basically want green dots (not dashes).

Having a target that is further away will show the deficiencies all the more.  By putting a target say 12, 15 yards away from you, will expose your trigger mechanic issues much more than a target that is close.  Of course changing your distances frequently as well as your acceptable accuracy zones (the size of the target).

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